Black Diamond Revel Build

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The Revel is certainly one of the most common variations of adventure vans based on the 2500 4wd Sprinter chassis. Winnebago recognized the capability and versatility of this platform early on, and was quick to bring a well thought out solution to the RV market for mass consumption. With it's simple but well thought out layout and feature list, the Revel makes an enticing option for those that want an 'off the lot' adventure van.
For starters, we went straight to upgrading the underwhelming factory suspension: a Stage 4.3 system was chosen. Tuned for the weight range that is typical of a Revel, and offering best in industry adjustability features, our best selling kit packs a tremendous amount of value and performance into a 1-and-done suspension upgrade. For added peace of mind, our Baja Brackets were added to the rear shock mounts, to eliminate the known flaw with the OE rear shock bolt being in single shear.
To light up the night on long, dark sections of road that seem to be the part of any adventure, our Floating Light mount was added to the front. This mount sits behind the factory grille for a very svelte, stealthy approach to mounting added candlepower to the front of the van. A pair of Baja Designs LP9 driving lights ensure supreme visibility to the horizon, or at least the next bend in the road (whichever comes first).
When adventuring, one of the biggest drags can be the uncertainty of adequate clearance underneath the vehicle around the vital components when traveling off pavement. Since many customers do not want the added height of a suspension lift, or the drag of extra large tires, skid plates are an essential upgrade. The rear differential has a thin sheetmetal cover that is the lowest point under the van, so our Differential Skid Plate was added to prevent a rock from playing can opener on it and spilling all it's fluids. Up front, our Engine, Transmission and Transfer Case Skid Plates provide security and protection to the vulnerable bits of the drivetrain that are left exposed from the factory. Our full width Tug Step corrects an overlooked aspect of the build: easy rear entry and exit. A very popular upgrade, it adds a wide step platform with 2 recovery points that anchor directly to the factory receiver hitch, and retains full functionality of the parking sensors and hitch.
The final piece of the puzzle for this build is a set of our Rocker Guards. These sturdy pieces tie directly into the chassis with beefy fabricated brackets designed to add rigidity to the chassis, provide protection to the rocker from impacts, jacking points for recovery and tire changes, and a sleek but functional step able to support some serious weight. Installing these on a Revel can be a bit tricky due to the brackets for the factory steps and the grey water tank location; we're working on updating the fitment instructions and adding further functionality to the van by integrating the Winnebago equipped puddle and entry lights. Adding these steps replaces the bulky, awkward steps with a high clearance but functional set of steps that ensure your van won't take any expensive body damage during your next dirt road adventure.


Off course, these upgrades are just a taste of the selection we offer for this platform. What works on the Revel also works for many similar builds, and the beauty of these vans is that with all the flexibility they offer as a blank canvas, each one is open to a unique user customization experience.

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