Product Disclaimer

Van Compass after market suspension products and accessories modify a vehicle for uses which exceed conditions anticipated by the vehicle manufacturer. The uses include the high performance demands required during off-road.  These conditions vary in the degree of extremity and can not be controlled by the vehicle or product manufacturer. If the components within the suspension system or accessories become worn due to frequent and/or extreme off-road use, the safety and reliability of the vehicle is at risk.  The maintenance of after market equipment to ensure the vehicle occupants safety is entirely your responsibility.   Do not purchase Van Compass manufactured products or components unless you are willing to accept this responsibility.  Do not install any Van Compass suspension products or accessories unless you feel competent at installing the product without causing present or future injury to yourself or other vehicle occupants; seek an authorized installation center.
Van Compass long travel suspension systems were designed for off-road use only.  This suspension system is not to be modified from its original design in any way.  Van Compass is not liable nor held responsible for any injury’s or death that can occur from off-road use or as the result of product failure.  Customer/driver assumes all liability in assuring that the suspension system is properly installed, maintained, and operating in safe conditions.  The following are guidelines for maintaining a safe operating vehicle.  Safety and reliability are our number one concern. 
Visually inspect all equipment for clearance and unusual wear.

Regularly clean and inspect equipment such as suspension components, heim joints, polyurethane bushings and all hardware.  Replace items as necessary.  All suspension components are available for individual replacement.  We strongly recommend the suspension system be installed by an authorized installation center.  Van Compass reserves the right to warranty any components that we have determined to be product or material defective. Off-road abuse can damage suspension components.

BREAK IN PERIOD.  After every installation we recommend checking the torque of all nuts and bolts to assure that the torque has taken.  Some minor adjustments may need to be made.

The customer assumes all responsibility for the use of all equipment and the proper maintenance of said equipment.  This equipment will alter the center of gravity of your vehicle and also the handling characteristics that you may be accustomed to.  Even though your vehicle may have a wider track width it is capable of rolling over.  Please wear your seat belt and demand that all passengers do so as well.

Please remember that no matter how well your vehicle is built it is only as safe as you drive it.  This equipment is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle.  INCREASING PERFORMANCE ALSO INCREASES YOUR RISK WHILE OPERATING THIS VEHICLE.  The operator must know and understand the vehicles handling characteristics.  None of this equipment is guaranteed to be free of defect or to protect the driver or occupants from death or injury in the event of a collision.  Please drive in a safe and sane manner.