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Few upgrades are as critical to a vehicle as a tuned suspension package. Adventure in comfort and confidence with a Van Compass system tuned for your van and needs. The Stage 4.3 system pairs our Mini Leaf Spring pack with front and rear adjustable piggy back 3.3 Fast Adjust shocks and a front Sumo Spring bump stop upgrade. This system is intended for built out adventure vans, loaded work/play vans and Class B RV's that need a rear spring rate upgrade to counter build weight and correct rear sag that results in poor ride quality and wallowing handling. This kit can restore the ride height back to the original range, eliminates un-controlled swaying, and reduces harsh bottom out.

Falcon's 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Reservoir Shocks represent the perfect pairing to upgrade your Sprinter's handling. Built specifically to our tune specifications, they represent the culmination of years of accumulated knowledge, applied directly to the adventure van market. These shocks have a MASSIVE range of compression adjustment at the simple flip of a knob. We've put the large red knob in an easy to reach location that allows for easy access and quick confirmation of the settings. The rear shocks also include the SP2 adjustment, which allows for further refinement specific to your preferences and vehicle's weight; with a simple turn of the shaft one of 2 tune profiles is engaged during installation. For more info on the functions of these shocks, you can read our 3.3 shock settings guide.

Our Stage 4.3 system retains the factory suspension geometry and transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 from a violently swaying and lumbering cargo van into a vehicle with true German luxury car feeling and control, both on and offroad. Vehicle control and suspension compliance are the two areas of ride quality we focused on when we engineered this kit, and the payoff is increased performance over any terrain while also improving handling for unexpected emergencies.

The Mini Leaf Spring pack offers a cost effective way to increase spring rate in the rear of your Sprinter, add approximately 1.25" of rear lift and restore lost ride height. Our mini spring is tuned to work perfectly with the OEM spring and represents an excellent solution to maintain factory wheel position and leaf spring geometry while restoring suspension up-travel on a heavy van. Included U-bolts ensure a quick and easy installation, and glide pads on the tips ensure quiet operation, just like your OEM springs.


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NOTE: Vans equipped with HD Rear AC Package require extra care when mounting front shocks, refrigerant lines may need to be slightly bent and re-secured.

NOTE: NOT compatible with Sumo Spring Rebel series of springs, specifically Sumo Spring part numbers: SSR-327-47-2 and SSR-327-40-2 There is a Sumo Spring bracket associated with those kits which makes contact with the shock body.

Recommended Wheel Size: 17" x 8.5", +45mm offset

WHEEL FITMENT NOTE: 2023+ AWD vans require fitment of a wheel with 6" backspacing or less. For a 17"x8" wheel, this corresponds with a +38mm offset. Wheels with a greater offset like +52mm, or more backspacing like 6.5", will rub the tire on the shock reservoir when the steering is turned.


2015+ VS30 4x4 Falcon Front Shock Installation Instructions:

Falcon 3.3 SP2 Rear Shock installation instructions:

Rear Mini Pack Installation Instructions:

  • Falcon 3.3 Shock Settings Guide:

    Recommended Shop Labor Time: 7 Hours

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Jeff Johnson
    upper shock shock bushing

    the upper shock bushing on the driver side rear shock failed turning it into a rattling pos
    haven't heard the reason yet but they are suppling parts to fix
    they were installed in October

    Thomas Flaherty
    Failure risk, including expensive repair

    The Baja Bracket is necessary for the Stage kits and should not be sold separately. I believe it remedies a design flaw that should be provided to all past customers who purchased a Stage Kit. The Stage kit only includes a similar bracket for the front shocks but not the rear. A single bolt connects the rear shock (insufficient for a 9 lbs van), which commonly shears off. The Baja Bracket was introduced to help distribute the load, avoiding the single point of failure.

    If you have a Stage kit or are considering purchasing one, please consider buying and installing this bracket to avoid a likely failure and expensive repair.

    Van Compass offered a discount on the damaged shocks but requested the old ones be sent back, which I am sure they will return to Falcon for a full refund. In the end, this fix cost me over $ 2,500 for parts and labor. I’m an engineer and know there is no perfect system, but it does matter how the companies communicate, and support you post-purchase.

    I am mostly disappointed that I was not contacted by Van Compass informing me of the potential failure point that is fairly common. Had I known what I know now, I would have proactively fixed the single point of failure issue and avoided this unnecessary hassle and huge expense.

    Hi Tom,

    We are sorry you had a shock bolt issue. This is a MB design flaw that plagues very few people, less than 1% of our customers over the past 7 years. The Baja Bracket does solve the potential shock bolt problem. We do not choose to include these in our stage kits for various fitment issues we have encountered with RV manufactures. The front shock mounts are included to mount the secondary front shock. Falcon does not refund us for damaged shocks. We request damaged shocks back so they do not circulate in the used market.

    David Frank
    Just what the Doc ordered

    Van Compass has the Sprinter suspensions, dialed in! (as they likely do for the other vehicle brands).
    They had me weigh my van front and rear and got me exactly what the van needed to make it stable & level.
    My rig is not going to see much off-road action but, I needed my heavy build-out to be well-balanced and stable. After adding the 4.3 components and it now responds and handles exceptionally well.
    I received exceptional guidance from Taylor, the sales mgr, and would classify it as old-school knock-your-socks-off customer service and advice!
    I look forward to whatever they have in the pipeline, as they seem to be on top of & focused forward in development!
    Thanks Agan, Dave Frank

    Pat Ford

    I don’t write reviews unless something is really good or really bad.
    The 4.3 System is amazing.
    Me and a friend installed it in 6 hours, nothing too hard.
    I had high hopes it would perform as well as everybody said it wood.
    My 2500 4x4. Sprinter 170 was sagging in the rear end and was all over the road especially as I approached and passed semi’s. I was amazed when I drove it for the first time with the 4.3, the earthquake as I approaches the semi was gone and as I passed I wasn’t pushed to the left and then sucked in after passing.
    I felt grounded to the road and it was much easier and relaxing to drive.
    Less rattles and bouncing going over bridges.
    Off road was very noticeable. I was able to change to setting 1 and the vibration all but went away.
    I said it before but driving was easy and responsive, for long drives this will be nice.
    Thanks Van Compass for a great product…

    Keith McCabe
    Worth every penny including Baja bracket

    The spring pack upgrade along with the adjustable shocks have made a dramatic improvement. I’m anxious to get blasted by a gust of wind to see the improvement on how the van handles when the wind assist feature of the van kicks in. Being able to soften the ride a bit on the back roads made all the little rattles inside the van virtually disappear with much smoother ride. Van Compass engineers fantastic products.

    I’m definitely a DIY but by no means a professional upfitter and had zero issues installing the entire package including the Baja bracket. It takes the better part of a day but was not complicated. Directions included as always are very good.