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STAGE 6.3 SYSTEM, 2" LIFT - SPRINTER 4X4 (2015-2018 2500 ONLY) by VAN COMPASS

STAGE 6.3 SYSTEM, 2" LIFT - SPRINTER 4X4 (2015-2018 2500 ONLY) by VAN COMPASS


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Ready to take your Sprinter to the ulitmate level of capability? Adventure in comfort and confidence with a Van Compass system tuned for your van and needs. The Stage 6.3 kit combines our ground-breaking Striker lift kit with the proven shock and spring upgrades of the Stage 4.3 system. This is the ideal system for the uncompromising owner that wants to not only fix poor ride quality and wallowing handling, but take their van to the limit of what is possible off road. This kit will transform both the stance and handling of your Sprinter.

System Benefits:

  • True 2" of lift increases ground and tire size clearance
  • Preserves factory CV, tie rod and control arm angles
  • 4 corner external shock adjustment
  • Enhanced sway and cornering stability
  • Increase compliance and control over small bumps
  • Increased off road performance and capability

The Striker lift kit creates the clearance needed to fit larger tires and push deeper into back country landscapes with confidence in the increased capability. Through hours of careful development and design, we've created a system that lifts the van with as few compromises to the original design parameters of the vehicle as possible. Using a mix of machined and welded spacers, we move the front subframe to allow for the CVs, tie rods, and control arms to all cycle in their original geometry range set by Mercedes. At the rear, a taller version of our Mini Leaf Spring pack is paired with longer sway bar links, shock relocation brackets, and bump stop spacers to ensure that nothing binds, over-extends, or can over-compress on axle articulation. With proper wheel offset and fender trimming, fitment of a 35 x 12.50 tire is possible, for a huge increase in traction and ground clearance.

Falcon's 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Reservoir Shocks represent the perfect pairing to upgrade your Sprinter's handling. Built specifically to our tune specifications, they represent the culmination of years of accumulated knowledge, applied directly to the adventure van market. These shocks have a MASSIVE range of compression adjustment at the simple flip of a knob. We've put the large red knob in an easy to reach location that allows for easy access and quick confirmation of the settings. The rear shocks also include the SP2 adjustment, which allows for further refinement specific to your preferences and vehicle's weight; with a simple turn of the shaft one of 2 tune profiles is engaged during installation. For more info on the functions of these shocks, you can read our 3.3 shock settings guide.

Our Stage 6.3 system retains the factory suspension geometry and transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 from a violently swaying and lumbering cargo van into a vehicle with true German luxury car feeling and control, both on and offroad. Vehicle control and suspension compliance are the two areas of ride quality we focused on when we engineered this kit, and the payoff is increased performance over any terrain while also improving handling for unexpected emergencies.

The Mini Leaf Spring pack offers a cost effective way to increase spring rate in the rear of your Sprinter, adds 2" of rear lift and restore lost ride height. Our mini spring is tuned to work perfectly with the OEM spring and represents an excellent solution to maintain factory wheel position and leaf spring geometry while restoring suspension up-travel on a heavy van. Included U-bolts ensure a quick and easy installation, and glide pads on the tips ensure quiet operation, just like your OEM springs.


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YEAR: 2015-2018




NOTE: NOT compatible with Sumo Spring Rebel series of springs, specifically Sumo Spring part numbers: SSR-327-47-2 and SSR-327-40-2 There is a Sumo Spring bracket associated with those kits which makes contact with the shock body.

Recommended Wheel Size: 17" x 8.5", +45mm offset


  • 2015-2018 NCV3 4x4 Striker 2" Front Kit Installation Instructions:
  • 2015-2018 NCV3 4x4 Striker 2" Rear Kit Installation Instructions:
  • 2015+ Sprinter 4x4 Falcon Front Shock Installation Instructions:
  • NCV3, VS30 Falcon 3.3 Rear Shock Installation Instructions:
  • Falcon 3.3 Shock Settings Guide:

    Recommended Shop Labor Time: 17 Hours

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Charles Nevle
    Worth it!

    I was actually surprised that the stock Revel suspension was not horrible given the heft of the Winnebago build. It's actually decent for on highway driving in most conditions. However, in atypical situations, the stock suspension is lacking - offroad, windy conditions, and on uneven surfaces. This is where I found the upgraded suspension really shines. In addition to making day to day driving much more compliant, wind buffeting is significantly reduced, but off road is where it really shines. It really tames the gyrations from uneven, rocky, and steep surfaces greatly reducing the seesaw/rocking/jolting.

    I opted, after much internal back and forth, to go with the 6.3 which includes the 2 inch lift. I was concerned that the lift would make the van less entry/exit friendly, but I, and my 5'2" wife are perfectly happy with the lift. Although the lift obviously does not change the height of the drive components including the rear differential, I do like having the carriage mounted equipment (liquid tanks, exhaust pipe, etc) a little more out of harms way.

    I'm very pleased with the Stage 6.3 suspension and lift.

    Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles
    6.3 lift kit

    We've been anxious and finally got this lift kit installed. Currently working on a few Kinks. The ride and handling has improved tremendously. Also on rough and bumpy roads a huge difference in the smoothness of the ride. We're super impressed with the quality of the shocks and all the mounting hardware. Instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. On the rear bump stop a C-clamp was used to compress and make it fit into the bracket easier. We would definitely recommend any of the Van Compass' has lift kits and look forward to install more in the future.