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Few upgrades are as critical to a vehicle as a tuned suspension package. Adventure in comfort and confidence with a Van Compass system tuned for your van and needs. The Stage 1 is our core upgrade system that all the other stages build from, with front and rear 2.1 Monotube shocks and a front Sumo Spring bump stop upgrade. This system is intended for built out adventure vans, loaded work/play vans and Class B RV's that need a rear spring rate upgrade to counter build weight and correct rear sag that results in poor ride quality and wallowing handling. This kit can restore the ride height back to the original range, eliminates un-controlled swaying, and reduces harsh bottom out.

Falcon's 2.1 Monotube Shocks represent the core upgrade to your Sprinter's handling. Built specifically to our tune specifications, they represent the culmination of years of accumulated knowledge, applied directly to the adventure van market. These shocks feature race inspired build quality, combined with functional components choices for real-world users. Aluminum bodies and hard chrome plated shafts ensure longevity and corrosion resistance. Internally, these shocks are tuned to our specifications in one of three weight ranges.

Our Stage 1 system retains the factory suspension geometry and transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 from a violently swaying and lumbering cargo van into a vehicle with true German luxury car feeling and control, both on and offroad. Vehicle control and suspension compliance are the two areas of ride quality we focused on when we engineered this kit, and the payoff is increased performance over any terrain while also improving handling for unexpected emergencies.


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YEAR: 2015-2018




NOTE: Vans equipped with HD Rear AC Package require extra care when mounting front shocks, refrigerant lines may need to be slightly bent and re-secured.

NOTE: NOT compatible with Sumo Spring Rebel series of springs, specifically Sumo Spring part numbers: SSR-327-47-2 and SSR-327-40-2 There is a Sumo Spring bracket associated with those kits which makes contact with the shock body.

Recommended Wheel Size: 17" x 8.5", +45mm offset


  • 2015+ VS30 4x4 Falcon Front Shock Installation Instructions:
  • NCV3, VS30 4x4 Falcon 2.1 Rear Shock Installation Instructions:
  • Sprinter AWD and 4x4 Front Bump Buddies installation instructions:


    Recommended Shop Labor Time: 5 Hours

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Zach Schieffelin
    Now it feels like a real Mercedes

    I have a 2017 2500 144" 4x4 with a very light interior build. I have suffered 70,000 miles of punishing, harsh ride, pitching and bouncing, and wind sensitivity at highway speeds. Cornering meant skipping, shuddering, and hopping sideways during corners with potholes and pressure ridges. Braking over bumps often used all the front travel, even unloaded. After reading the reviews I took the plunge and had the basic Stage 1 kit installed last week.

    OMG, what a difference. No longer do I feel every crack in the pavement. The violent transverse motions are gone. Bouncing is gone. The van turns into corners with confidence and cleanly holds a line even over badly broken surfaces. I haven't had a ton of high speed freeway miles yet, but the van is far more composed in sudden lane changes and larger frequency 'yumps'.

    It's never going to be a S class, but at it finally feels like a Mercedes - This upgrade is a 'Must Have'

    Jim Chipperfield
    Aussie Upgrade

    I have what you folks in the USA would term a Class C Motorhome - built on a long wheelbase 2017 Sprinter "dually" 4x4 cab/chassis. It's 24 ft long, 8 ft wide and weighs in at just on 5 tons fully loaded. It was pretty much custom built for us by a small manufacturer of quality motorhomes in Victoria, Australia.
    Despite the quality build, we never felt entirely confident in the handling of the beast as it had a tendency to sort of wallow on "whoopsy" bitumen roads and lean over nervously on the bends. I used to dread dropping a wheel off the edge of the pavement in case it wouldn't come back. No doubt some of this feel was due to our inexperience in high riding, heavy vehicles! And the ride on washboard roads would shake your teeth out.
    Well tested experience with 4x4 Sprinter handling is pretty hard to come by in Australia. Eventually I went searching the Net for ideas, dropped onto Van Compass and started conversing with Glen and Mark. They pointed me to the Stage 1 kit, (upgraded to Falcon adjustable shocks for the front) and we got into action.
    The result has been a complete turnaround in handling and confidence. It corners more like a car, is nicely firm on misshapen (crappy) roads and way more comfortable on rough tracks and washboard. The adjustable shocks were a great investment as different settings from highway (hard) to rough tracks (soft) make a very noticeable change in ride.
    Thanks Guys, I recommend your product to any Sprinter owner - it's a roaring success!

    Matt Noel
    So much better than stock!

    I purchased and built out a 2019 4x4 2500 144" wheelbase Sprinter last fall, and started taking it on backroads adventures in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. I realized right off the bat that the stock suspension was not going to cut it-the van handled terribly on washboard, rock gardens, and deep potholes. I first thought about going the route of additional leaf springs in the rear and coil overs in the front, but ended up opting for Van Compass's Stage 1 suspension package. I had my local mechanic install the kit, and have been driving it for about 1000 miles now. My wife and I have really pushed the vehicle on some atrocious 4x4 roads while accessing remote trailheads, and it has performed admirably. With the suspension upgrade, and a tire upgrade, we have much more confidence to tackle challenging approaches, and have a newfound appreciation for the van's offroad capabilities. Thank you Van Compass!

    Paul Szretter
    Great service

    The shocks are working great. I was most impressed that you asked me questions and then sold me a product for my use. You did not try to over sell me something. Great customer service. Keep up the great work.


    I knew that I wasn't happy with the stock suspension in my 2018 crew van, but I had no idea how bad it was until I installed the VC Stage 1 system. From the first turn out of my driveway, it was clear that I was driving a different van. Now that I have several thousand more miles on the system from chopped up fire roads in southern Colorado to water boarded gnar in Moab Utah, my satisfaction with the quality and performance of the system is solid. Installation took most of the day, everything fit perfectly, and the quality of the components was top notch. I highly recommend this upgrade. My only gripe would be the difficulty in trimming the fender liners. I wish that VC had provided some form of template to assist with the trimming since it's not really clear from the instructions or from what you have in front of you when installing the system exactly where and how much should be trimmed off.