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FRONT SWAY BAR DISCONNECT KIT SPRINTER 4X4 (2015-2018 2500 and 3500)

FRONT SWAY BAR DISCONNECT KIT SPRINTER 4X4 (2015-2018 2500 and 3500)


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The front suspension on 4x4 Sprinters has limited suspension articulation. The stiff front sway bar tends to reduce articulation even further and enhance side to side shifting at low speeds. Many have experienced the tires lifting off the ground when traversing over uneven surfaces. Traction is lost as tires lift and forward momentum stalls. The Van Compass front sway bar disconnect link kit allows your van to reach its full potential. Disconnecting the sway bar can allow for 3" of additional articulation while off road. The front suspension will move independently over bumps for a much more compliant ride and additional traction. Simply steer the van all the way to the left, unhook the sway bar link and plug it onto the holding pin.

  • Reduces the back and forth sway over obstacles
  • Allows suspension to move more efficiently over bumps off road
  • Simple installation with basic hand tools.


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  • Quick Disconnect Sway Bar Link
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Storage Bag


MODEL: SPRINTER 2500 and 3500





Recommended Shop Labor Time: 1 hour

Customer Reviews

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Sean Michael
Good but needs some tweaking

Installed on a built 2016 2500 4x4 with AO RIP Kit.

We have only disconnected it once, running Black Gap Rd in Big Bend. Removal requires levers on our setup, and spray lube. Once off, the effect is immediately perceptible. On road, the firm, precise handling was now ‘soft’.

On trails the skateboard stiffness was eased up and the van connected much more compliantly with trail surfaces. This improved ride quality and confidence. On climbs it gave more consistent traction and less pitching side to side.

I don’t bother to remove the disconnect normally but this is a challenging trail (for a Sprinter). I’m glad I did, as the 15mi length and the uneven surfaces (eg, dug out dry washes, rock ledges) were what it’s designed for. Reinstalling it was finicky, and again benefited from lube, levers, some tapping with a persuader, and proper wheel angle (my copilot held the wheel at full lock while I worked).

One change is needed on the design. The lower grease zirc isn’t accessible due to steering arm interference. It needs to be angled downward in future versions to allow attachment of a grease gun. I also found clearance overly tight against the strut’s shaft when removing or replacing the upper eye of the disconnect. If the upper pin was 1/8” to 3/16” shorter that would probably solve this [Note: this may only be an issue with the AO strut].

Overall, when you need it, this product does what no other can. However, you’ll know if you are the type who will need and use it.