Stage Selector - Sprinter 4x4 3500, No Lift, Shock Decision

Van Model: Sprinter 4x4

Trim: 3500 (Dual Rear Wheel)

2" Lift: No thank you, we like our van's height.

Do you want adjustable shocks?

Adjustable shocks are a great addition for customers who want the most flexibility in handling and comfort. They can be set to the firmest setting when fully loaded, or traveling curvy, windy highways; the softest setting is great for off-road travel and graded washboards. Customers who see a wide range of terrain, payload and travel conditions are an excellent match for adjustable shocks.

Non-adjustable shocks are a perfect choice for vans that see a lot of street miles and that run at a consistent weight. Also perfect for customers who want a great increase in handling, with a no-frills user experience.

 - Yes, we want the best of both worlds!    

 - No thanks, no frills needed