The "Pita Van" & the making of the SCOUT 2.0" Suspension Lift System from Van Compass™

The "Pita Van" & the making of the SCOUT 2.0" Suspension Lift System from Van Compass™

The "Pita Van" & the making of the SCOUT 2.0" Suspension Lift System from Van Compass™

As outdoor recreation and off-road enthusiasts it was only natural for us to want to push our vehicles as far as we push ourselves. While loving the Sprinter Van platform and how great it was for creating our on the road off the grid homes we found ourselves unimpressed by the capability that the vehicle offered. After searching for and aftermarket solution and realizing there was none to be found we decided to take the years of knowledge we had gained in the 4x4 market apply it to the Sprinter platform.



About 6 months ago Van Compass™ took up shop in Central California and began tearing into our first sprinter developing what is not the “SCOUT” 2.0” Lift Suspension System. The first van we dubbed the name “The Pita Van” because it was a pita bakery delivery van after its life as an Onstar response vehicle. The stubby van was the perfect start for what we had planned.



What we wanted to accomplish with the first system that we developed was to create a bolt on suspension system that would give the Sprinter the necessary 2.0” of lift that would be needed to fit a 33” tall tire creating more ground clearance for those more out of the way camping locations. In the case of “The Pita Van” we are going to push the limits with a 33"x12.5” tire that is wider than recommended tire and requires body trimming. The recommended tire size is a 33”x10.5” tire.
After tearing things down we started with the back end of the van first. The lift block was the first piece to the puzzle giving us the 2.0” of lift needed for the rear of the van. It is made of 1/4” Hot rolled steel that is then Powder coated for corrosion resistance.



We wanted to keep all of the stock suspension geometry intact. By creating the Bolt on Shock mount extension and using Metric grade 10.9ardware we have a durable mount that lets the suspension cycle the same as factory. The mounts are made of a 1/8” hot rolled steel that are also powder coated.



From there we needed to extend both mounts for the rear bump stops and the sway bar mounts. Both drop brackets are made of a 1/8” hot rolled steel also and then powder coated allowing the use of the stock bump stop and sway bar of the van. With this rear lift system we have now gained the 2.0” needed for the tire while not sacrificing ride quality.



Moving on to the front a 2.0” subframe drop spacer was created out of 6061 Aluminum while the frame alignment stud is made of 4140 heat treated chromoly. This provides the lift needed once again not sacrificing the factory geometry by moving the whole subframe assembly down 2.0”.

To keep the motor in the stock position a spacer block for the motor mount was made to lift the engine back into place. Its made of 3/16” hot rolled steel. Not shown in this photo but it will also be powder coated. 



For final assembly the last thing needed to fit the 33”x12” Falken All terrain tires is to trim up the body.



From there The Pita Van rolled out of the shop in all of its glory a couple inches taller and ready for the first trip up to Washington. The trip will put about 2000 miles on the new suspension system.



A few days later The Pita van was loaded up and off on its first trip. Below are some photos testing ground clearance near Mt. Shasta and taking some time to get some shots of the amazing scenery. 



The van has performed flawlessly and is driven daily. We are excited to get these kits into your hand. Production has already begun. So please email us at for inquiries about kit purchasing and installation pricing. 



Stay tuned for the next van and more products that we are already working on!

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