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Bring your Sprinter into the 21st century with electronic damping adjustments, and adventure in comfort and confidence with a Van Compass Adapt suspension system. The Stage 6.5 kit combines cutting edge shock control technologies with our ground-breaking Striker lift kit and rear spring upgrades of the Stage 4.3 system. This is the ideal system for the uncompromising owner that wants to not only fix poor ride quality and wallowing handling, but have the ultimate level of control to adapt to changing road and terrain conditions. This kit will transform both the stance and handling of your Sprinter and is the pinnacle of suspension upgrades for your adventure van.

System Benefits:

  • 4 corner in-cab electronic shock adjustment with Auto mode
  • True 2" of lift increases ground and tire size clearance
  • Preserves factory CV, tie rod and control arm angles
  • Enhanced sway and cornering stability
  • Increase compliance and control over small bumps
  • Increased off road performance and capability

Falcon's 3.5 E-ADAPT Piggyback Reservoir Shocks represent the ultimate damping upgrade to your Sprinter's handling. These shocks feature a state of the art electronic control unit that can adjust the compression damping in real time while the vehicle is being driven, based on user set parameters for G-force and duration. Its multi-axis accelerometer monitors cornering, acceleration and braking forces to react and adapt to changing conditions. Each shock uses an electronic solenoid to control compression flow, and has an external fine-setting adjustment to control the range of firmness. The control unit, mounted under the driver's seat, uses a 3-position in-dash control switch as well as pairs with your phone to set user presets for the Auto mode parameters. The 3 position dash switch offers quick access to Soft, Firm and Auto mode for the shocks. As an added benefit, when the vehicle is turned off, the system even defaults the shocks to their firmest setting so that the van has maximum stability when parked, perfect for van life! A pre-cut and labeled harness with OEM grade wiring and connections ensures a reliable, trouble-free installation.

The Striker lift kit creates the clearance needed to fit larger tires and push deeper into back country landscapes with confidence in the increased capability. Through hours of careful development and design, we've created a system that lifts the van with as few compromises to the original design parameters of the vehicle as possible. Using a mix of machined and welded spacers, we move the front subframe to allow for the CVs, tie rods, and control arms to all cycle in their original geometry range set by Mercedes. At the rear, a taller version of our Mini Leaf Spring pack is paired with longer sway bar links, shock relocation brackets, and bump stop spacers to ensure that nothing binds, over-extends, or can over-compression on axle articulation. With proper wheel offset and fender trimming, fitment of a 35 x 12.50 tire is possible, for a huge increase in traction and ground clearance.

Our Stage 6.5 system retains the factory suspension geometry and transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 from a violently swaying and lumbering cargo van into a vehicle with true German luxury car feeling and control, both on and offroad. Vehicle control and suspension compliance are the two areas of ride quality we focused on when we engineered this kit, and the payoff is increased performance over any terrain while also improving handling for unexpected emergencies.

The Mini Leaf Spring pack offers a cost effective way to increase spring rate in the rear of your Sprinter, add 2" of rear lift and restores lost ride height. Our mini spring is tuned to work perfectly with the OEM spring and represents an excellent solution to maintain factory wheel position and leaf spring geometry while restoring suspension up-travel on a heavy van. Included U-bolts ensure a quick and easy installation, and glide pads on the tips ensure quiet operation, just like your OEM springs.

  • Striker 2" Front and Rear Lift Kit
  • E-ADAPT control unit and complete, ready-made wiring harness
  • Dash switch and switch blanks for NCV3 and VS30 dashboards
  • Falcon 3.5 Fast Adjust Front Shocks with Mounting Brackets
  • Front Sumo Springs
  • Falcon 3.5 Fast Adjust Rear Shocks with SP2
  • Rear Mini Leaf Spring Pack
  • Dust boots for all 4 shocks.
  • All necessary hardware and instructions for a simple installation

  • ADAPT Video User Guide:
  • 2019+ VS30 4x4 Striker 2" Front Kit Installation Instructions:
  • 2019+ VS30 4x4 Striker 2" Rear Kit Installation Instructions:
  • 2015+ VS30 4x4 Falcon Front Shock Installation Instructions:
  • NCV3, VS30 Falcon Rear Shock and ADAPT Control Installation Instructions:
  • NOTE: 2019+ Vans with rear HD A/C will need additional care routing the lines around the shocks and bracketry. The lines may need to be gently bent by hand, and secured with a cushion clamp to prevent chafing.

    NOTE: The Falcon rear shocks are NOT compatible with Sumo Spring Rebel series of springs, specifically Sumo Spring part numbers: SSR-327-47-2 and SSR-327-40-2 There is a Sumo Spring bracket associated with those kits which makes contact with the large shock body of the Falcon shocks.

    To determine the actual weight of your vehicle, go to your local landfill to utilize their scale or use the CAT SCALE LOCATOR.

    Recommended Shop Labor Time: 21 Hours

    STAGE GUIDELift heightRecommended BuildFront ShockRear ShockVan Weight
    Stage 10"Multi-use camper and passenger vans, Base weight Revels without additional accessoriesFalcon 2.1 Monotube w/ MountFalcon 2.1 Monotube<7800 lbs
    Stage 2.30"Multi-use camper and passenger vans, Base weight Revels without additional accessoriesFalcon 3.3 w/ MountFalcon 3.3 SP2<7800 lbs
    Stage 2.50"Multi-use camper and passenger vans, Base weight Revels without additional accessoriesFalcon eAdaptFalcon eAdapt<7800 lbs
    Stage 31.25" Rear LiftClass B/C SRW Motorhome, Upfitted Adventure VansFalcon 2.1 Monotube w/ MountFalcon 2.1 Monotube7800-10000 lbs
    Stage 4.31.25" Rear LiftStoryteller, Revel with added accessoriesFalcon 3.3 w/ MountFalcon 3.3 SP27800-10000 lbs
    Stage 4.51.25" Rear LiftStoryteller, Revel with added accessoriesFalcon eAdaptFalcon eAdapt7800-10000 lbs
    Stage 5Striker 2" LiftOff Road Oriented buildsFalcon 2.1 Monotube w/ MountFalcon 2.1 MonotubeSTOCK-10000 lbs
    Stage 6.3Striker 2" LiftOff Road Oriented buildsFalcon 3.3 w/ MountFalcon 3.3 SP2STOCK-10000 lbs
    Stage 6.5Striker 2" LiftOff Road Oriented buildsFalcon eAdaptFalcon eAdaptSTOCK-10000 lbs

    2019+ Sprinter Tire fitment guide:

    We've prepared this guides to help with tire choices for your van. Generally, the largest compatible diameter and widths are listed, other sizes may fit. Actual size varies by manufacturer, wheel choice, and inflation pressure. Tire size selection will vary by manufacturer and tread pattern, and tires with more aggressive tread or aggressive sidewalls may have more fitment issues. Specific trimming instructions are noted in most of our lift kit's instructions. All 2019+ vans will require our Big Tire Mud Flap Relocation kit for tires larger than stock, as the wheel wells pinch inward and restrict fitment. Van Compass is not responsible for fitment issues.
    This calculator is one of the best we've found, and very helpful for comparisons between different tire sizes. Actual size varies by manufacturer, wheel choice, and inflation pressure. Always consult your tire shop before purchasing wheels or tires.

    How do I decide which system to buy? I'm a newbie.

    • We've prepared some comparison guides for our most popular systems, they can be found under the stage guides tab on the product page.

    Which tune should I select?

    • We've prepared some valving charts based on van weights, they are at the bottom of each shock, and stage system page. You can select the tune from the options when adding your system to the cart.

    I don't know what my van weighs. How do I find out?

    • Easy, most county landfills have a commercial scale. You can use the CAT SCALE LOCATOR to find the closest CAT certified scale. These are great, as they give us a front and rear axle weight separately.

    Do I need adjustable shocks?

    • Our adjustable shocks are very popular, and offer a huge range of adaptability to your van. They are well suited to vans that see a wide range of payload and terrain. Do you like to exact every last bit of performance and comfort out of every situation? Or, do you prefer to live in the moment and keep your vehicle simple?

    Can I upgrade my kit in stages?

    • Typically, yes. Our kits are designed to be modular, so that customers can add components in stages without having to buy many components twice. If you buy a stock stage, then lift the van later, your shocks will still work.

    Do I have to lift my van to use your upgrades?

    • NO! All of our shock upgrades work as stock replacements. They are designed to work with both stock height and Van Compass lifted vans.

    Is a lifted van safe to drive?

    • YES! Our lifted 2wd vans are roughly comparable to a stock 4wd van. We design our lifts to preserve factory suspension geometry and travel, as well as work with our upgraded shocks. Lifts will also allow fitment of larger tires, which help smooth out terrain and road irregularities. The combined effect is a van that is actually much better driving than their stock, delivery van roots suggest.

    What size tire fits my _____?

    • We've prepared detailed fitment charts for each application, you'll find them in a tab on the product pages. We also recommend you consult your installer, and local tire shop. They are the experts when it comes to proven formulas with builds, and good tire choices for your area and use cases.

    Does installation void my warranty?

    • Ultimately, the decisions for warranty lie with the Dealer and Manufacturer, so you will want to contact them for an answer. Van Compass parts are designed with OEM performance in mind, and as thoroughly as possible. Many of our parts are stock replacements.

    Do Van Compass products have a warranty?

    Do you do installations?

    • We no longer do installations, we are focused 100% on designing, manufacturing and shipping the best possible products we can make.

    How much does installation cost?

    How long do your products take to install?

    • Installation instructions are found under the 'Instructions' tab on the product page. We list recommended labor hours for both home, and professional environments.

    Can I install your products myself?

    • YES! Many of our customers are do-it-yourselfers, so our products are designed with the installer in mind. They have been thoroughly engineered to be durable, fit great, and easy for a human to install. We've prepared detailed instructions and fitment info to help you, so make sure you read them thoroughly. We've done our best to outline the tools, safety equipment, and various other tricks you'll need to be able to confidently install our products.

    Will I need an alignment after installation?

    • We always recommend a quality, digital alignment be performed after any suspension modification where the struts are removed and reinstalled. Although many vans have limited adjustment, the TOE setting is critical to front end alignments, good tire wear, and safe drivability and should always be properly checked after installation.

    When will my order ship?

    • We allocate and ship orders on a first in, first out basis. We understand, it's frustrating waiting for long periods of time and how that impacts the unique circumstances of our customers. For more information on our shipping and order policies, please read here: Shipping, Return and Cancellation Policies

    Do I need to put a deposit down?

    • Many credit card companies provide only a small window to collect funds from online orders. With the long and often un-predictable lead times many of our products are experiencing, this small windw is not a good fit. The unique nature of our business and customer base dictate that we take a full deposit up front. If your order will be shipping freight, we will contact you at the time of shipment to ensure an accurate and fair rate. The 3% cancellation fee only covers the service charges we incur from the credit card companies.

    Still have questions?

    • We'd love to chat!

    Please fill out our contact form and someone will reach out to you as soon as they are able to!

    Why can't I find your phone number?

    • With the unique nature of many of our customer's builds, the conversation is often drawn out over several months. Keeping a paper trail allows us to remember the specific names, vans, builds and needs for each of our customers. We're available to chat via appointment on a limited basis, so please email us first.

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