$ 975.50
$ 975.50

The aluminum bodied 2.0 Performance Series shocks take our basic Bilstein kit to the next level of performance. The heat reducing design includes a metal impacted clear anodized aluminum shock body that dissipates heat faster than a conventional steel body shock. The race developed high flow damping piston matched with Van Compass application specific valving provides a predictable ride capable of handling the roughest road conditions. 

The custom tuned Fox shocks smooth out the harshness experienced on washboard roads and sharp, abrupt impacts. The bounce experienced over large bumps is reduced and the side to side sway over uneven surfaces is minimized. We pair the rear Fox shocks with a front HD Bilstein strut and Sumo Spring combo. The increased damping and front spring rate helps to control sway and bounce. The rear Sumo Spring reduces sag in the rear suspension when a load is applied. They also reduce sway without the negative effects a heavy duty sway bar can have on low speed back and forth sway and suspension articulation. We feel this is the ultimate handling upgrade for a stock height Sprinter that carries over 1,000 lbs often or tows trailers.

Simple installation with basic hand tools.

  • Reduces the back and forth sway over obstacles
  • Enhances cornering stability
  • Controls large and small bumps more efficiently than factory shocks
  • Reduces cross wind sway
  • The system is 100% bolt on


*** We tune each set of shocks specifically for your application. Please allow for shock tuning time after your order is placed ***