Used take off parts available for sale. No warranty or returns accepted. Please email for more info.

** All parts will require shipping **

1994-2006 Sprinter Parts

- T1N 158" Rear Drive Shaft - Complete with carrier bearings. 50,000 miles. Local pick up only. - $400 - Can install for $150 in labor.

- T1N Steering Rack - Used with 142,000 miles. Includes tie rod ends - $200

- T1N Front Sway Bar - Used with 142,000 miles. Includes all mounting brackets at frame and control arms. Sway bar links included that were just replaced 500 miles ago. A nice upgrade for a 3500 T1N that did not come with a sway bar. - $50

- T1N Lower Control Arms - 142,000 miles. Ball joints in good condition. Pair. - $50

- T1N Fiberglass Leaf Spring - 142,000 miles. Includes the rubber ends and rubber bumpers - $50

- T1N Front Bumpstops Pair - 142,000 miles - $20

- T1N Knuckle, Spindle, Hub, Brake Rotor, Caliper, Brake Pads - Whole assembly available for driver and passenger side.  - $100 each

- T1N Subframe Available - currently assembled with the above items. We will take $500 for the entire assembly. 

Front Subframe with all items for sale. 

- T1N NAG1 Transmission - 142,000 miles. Shifted great. The front bell housing and valve body were removed for our 4x4 swap. No torque converter included. You can take the missing items from your current van to make this transmission work for you. - $800 - We can install for an additional $800 in labor.