$ 1,234.98
$ 1,234.98

Enhance your van's stability with our Stage 2 Suspension Package for your T1N Sprinter 2500. Our proven system increases on and off road stability, improves ride comfort, and adds the flexibility of adjustable rear shocks.

The Stage 2 T1N Suspension package includes:

  • Bilstein B4 Front Struts (1 Pair)
  • Front Sumo Springs
  • Tuned Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Rear Shocks (1 pair)

  • Bilstein B4 front struts offer an effective upgrade over worn out factory dampers and provide increased comfort. Front Sumo Spring replacement bump stops help add progression to the spring rate in front, reduce side to side sway and prevent harsh bottom out.

    Our rear shocks feature an intuitive 3.3 fast adjust knob offering quick and easy compression adjustment while the shock is installed. Position 1, the lightest setting, is great for blasting down washboard roads or rough city streets. Position 2 allows 8 levels of micro-adjustment, to fine tune the every day handling to the drivers preference. Position 3, the firmest setting, is used for occasional heavy loads or when driving conditions require the most control like twisting mountain grades or turbulent weather.

    The SP2 mode adjust feature is an internal bypass valve (free bleed circuit) that is adjusted by rotating the shaft when the shock is fully extended. Closing off the internal bypass valve by rotating the shock shaft will drastically change the shock rebound and compression characteristics. This setting is chosen when installing the shocks based on vehicle weight and ride preference.

    This system is only compatible with single rear wheel vans.

    Simple installation with basic hand tools.

    • Multiple, easy adjust compression settings.
    • Reduces the back and forth sway over obstacles
    • Enhances cornering stability
    • Increased spring progression and bottom out resistance
    • Controls large and small bumps more efficiently than factory shocks
    • Reduces cross wind sway
    • The system is 100% bolt on 

    For vans over 8500lbs that have a rear mono leaf, we also recommend pairing with the rear Sumo Springs, found here:

    2500 vans