$ 900.00
$ 900.00

Venture onto dirt roads knowing you have a back up plan if you get stuck or a trail obstacle ahead of you is just a bit beyond your van's capability. Our winch mounting system completely replaces the factory bumper under the plastic cover. This bumper is compatible with adaptive cruise control and parking sensors. The sensor is relocated to the winch mount from the position above the step where the top of the winch needs to land. Our winch bumper retains the side impact protection the factory bumper provides. It attaches to the (8) 8mm bolts on front of the chassis and (2) 12mm on the bottom. The bottom 12mm bolts are past the crumple zone of the chassis. This helps to strengthen the mounting of this winch mount to ensure the chassis will hold up to heavy pulls and the mount will not flex.

The winch mount includes 3/4" thick steel tow points that can be attached on each side. You can choose to leave these off and use the factory "screw in" tow point if needed. The winch mount parts go through a dual stage powder coating process with a zinc rich primer applied and baked on before the final matte black finish.

Hitch Receiver Static Load Capacity: 300 lbs

Sprinter winch mount installation instructions:

* Designed around the Warn Zeon series of winches. Many other winches are compatible with this kit, but please reference the Warn Zeon 12-S winch for the maximum winch size.

** WARN ZEON 12 Platinum winch will work, but plug for wireless remote will contact A/C condenser. We recommend the WARN VR series winch if a wireless remote is desired.

*** Not Compatible with 4 cylinder model Sprinters - Gas or Diesel

**** Not Compatible with vans optioned with the HD Rear A/C, the cooling fans interfere.